AAC Contracting, Inc.
ADF Construction
API Basco
American Pharmaceutical Partners
Abbott Labs
Aerosum Construction
Allgaier Construction
Allied Builders
American Axle
American Sales Company
American Acoustical
Amigone Funeral Home
Andruschat Real Estate Service
Appletree Business Park
Arcon Construction Management
Buffalo Athletic Club
Buffalo Crushed Stone
Barbalato Builders
Benderson Development
Bilvi Food Service
BRD Inc.
Buffalo General Hospital
Buffalo Plastering
Burgio Campofelice
Burke Brothers
Burke Company
Butler Construction
Building Innovation Group
Calamar Construction
Case Handyman Service
Ciminelli Cowper Co., Inc.
Ciminelli Development
Christa Construction
Citi Corp
City Centre
Clarence Wall & Ceiling
Client Logic
Clover Construction Management
Cloverbank Construction
Commercial Construction
Concept Construction
Crisalli & Associates
Cypress Development
DR Chamberlain Construction
Danforth (JW) Company
120 Delaware Associates
DiMarco Constructors
DiPaolo Builders
Dunlop Goodyear Tire Corp.
Elcon Inc.
Ellicott Development
Engasser Construction Corp.
FMC Corporation
FTH Enterprises
Ferraina Construction
Fischione & Sons
Fisher Development
Fleming Foods
Forest Materials
Forester Construction
Frontier Metal Building Systems
Fruehauf Associates
Fujisawa Health Care
Giallanza Corporation
Gianadda Construction
Gain Construction
Glenn Douglass Constructors
Goodyear Tire Stores
Grandview Construction
Grau Builders
Great Lakes Management
Grimm Construction
Grubb & Ellis
Gypsum Systems
Hadala Corporation
Harmac Medical Products
Hart Hotels
Hofer Construction Inc.

Hogan Restoration
Husky Molding Systems
Hygrade Distributors
Independent Health
Iskalo Development
Joan Hilliers & Associates
Kenaidan Construction
Key Equipment
Kirst Construction
Knab Brothers
Kulback's Construction
LBM Construction
LRF Construction
Lake Side Contracting
Lamparelli Construction
Landmark Construction
Lehigh Construction
Lonestar Construction
Longley Jones
MJ Peterson
Mader Corporation
Mandon Construction
Miller Construction
Millington Lockwood
Modern Construction
Montante Group Associates
Mulvey Construction
New Era Construction
Niagara Construction
Nichter Construction
Norcar Construction
Norcon Group
Prentice Office Environments
Proctective Closures
Quackenbush Company
Quebecor Printing
RSR Construction
Recco Corporation
Roth Construction
Russer Foods
Schmitt's Garage
Shull Group
Sonwill Distribution
Sorrento Cheese Company
Summit Construction
TCS General Contractor
TRG Enterprises
TK Products
TWG Construction Company
Telfair Construction
The Pike Company
The THD Group
Tiffany Construction
Tomasello Construction
Tops Headquarters
Trammel Crow
Tri-Main Development
Tri-North Builders
Turner Construction
Uniland Development Group
Vibratech Inc.
Vinwell Construction
WSC Construction
Wailand & Associates
Walden Properties
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Wegmans Construction
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Westwood Bristol-Myers Squibb
Wilsandra Construction
Woodbridge Construction

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