Once Choops painting is contacted about a specific job, a manager visits the customer at the site where the work is to be performed, then responds with a written proposal outlining specific tasks and costs.  No job is too big or too small.

Choops assists customers in selecting colors, and draws from state-of-the-art technology and the finest primers and products to create distinctive looks and long-lasting paint jobs.  Among the quality brands used are Sherwin Williams, ICI/Dulux, and Pratt & Lambert.

The company's spacious warehouse allows it to stick and organize paint and other materials for numerous ongoing projects, which facilitates the timely dispatching of crews each morning.

At Your Convenience

Supervisors design work schedules around customers preferences and convenience.  When businesses request that the jobs be done on evenings, weekends, or during shutdown periods, Choops always accommodates.  Staff members pride themselves on quality workmanship.  They are known for courtesy, and for their carefulness and neatness at work sites.

Commercial and industrial client, general contractors, and individuals in  new build or existing homes depend on the expertise of Choops Painting.  Every job is given priority status, as can be attested to by the plant managers, purchasing agents, business owners, and families who call upon the company time and again, and refer associates and neighbors to Choops.

Expert Solutions

Choops is looked to for devising effective solutions to problem situations or areas..  One required the painting of huge industrial boilers which had to maintain a temperature of 1,200 degrees throughout the painting period.  Another necessitated cleaning six inches of paper from the ledge of a 50-ft. high exposed ceiling before the ceiling was painted.

Architects and curators entrust historic restoration projects to an extremely limited number of painting companies.  Choops was selected for work at eh Roycroft buildings in East Aurora, and for an 1837 church in Ellicottville.

A major benefit of contracting for the services of Choops Painting is the organization's fair pricing that consistently meets or beats competitors bids.

Choops customers have the peace of mind that come with knowing that the job will be done right, to exact specifications, and to their complete satisfaction.

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